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  • I was hired at CNN in Atlanta seven days before launch! I moved from Columbia-Missouri in five days and had two days of training! The excitement and passion was undeniable! We put the first 24 hour news channel on the air. Staff was limited, work was inspired, and we made lifelong friends. We were doing what everybody said “couldn’t be done”.
    • I moved to Washington D.C. where I worked for CNN, local stations, and international news organizations. My favorite was 4 years with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Australia’s version of PBS.
  • I came to Chicago in September of ’87 and worked at WFLD-TV Chicago on another launch – the new 9:00 News with Robin Robinson and Kris Long. I stayed for 11 years and left the business when accounting became more important than covering the news.
  • I married Steve Osterling from LaGrange 1993. My daughter, Alana graduated from the University of Southern California in May 2017 with an Engineering Degree. My son Andy is studying Political Science at USC and will graduate a semester early in December 2018 (thank goodness for AP credits in high school).
  • We moved to Downers Grove from our cute Wicker Park house on Mother’s Day 1997.
  • I’ve covered critical moments in history. Here are just a few.
    • the Iranian Hostages released as Reagan sworn in as President
    • John Lennon assassinated
    • Sandra Day O’Connor the first woman on the Supreme Court
    • CD’s change music forever
    • the AIDS epidemic – ACT UP – Aids quilt
    • numerous space shuttle launches
    • I had the Iran Contra story end to end…fascinating
    • there were so many Presidential campaigns including Dukakis, H.W.Bush, Jesse Jackson, Kerry and others
    • Party Conventions including Reagan’s 2nd term, Mondale, and Gore.
    • Hearings and votes on Capitol Hill, briefings at State, at the Pentagon, and my all time favorite – trying to make heads or tails out of Paul Volcker when he was at the Fed. Later, I learned he spoke that way so no one could understand. His wife, Andrea Mitchell calls it Volcker speak.
  • I won an Emmy in 1994 for producing/editing. I won a couple of Peter Lisagor Awards in Chicago for Sports and Features.
  • In 1999, I became a stay-at-home mom for our two kids. Both kids attended District 58 and District 99 public schools. I became Secretary and Program director for Lester PTA. I volunteered with the Choir and Orchestra programs at Herrick Middle School and Downers Grove North, and I was involved in fundraising at DGN for Orchestra and Speech Team. I was a member of the sandwich generation, helping care for my Mom in a skilled bed nursing facility where I visited her every day. She suffered dementia. At the same time I was caring for my little kids, home, husband, and taking classes. Mom passed away in June of 2006.
  • I am a lifelong learner. When my kids were at school I studied French, Italian, Spanish, and Music at COD. During that time I was a Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Lyric Opera season ticket holder and donor.
  • I studied prenatal education to help women relieve pain associated with pregnancy. This involved many steps and certifications. I needed a yoga instructor 200 hour level, then a 100 hour prenatal yoga certification. Next, I got my AEA (Aquatic Educators Association) certification, a requirement to get ATRIC (Aquatic Therapy Rehab Institute Certification). For me this work is a passion worth every penny as well as all the blood sweat and tears involved along the way. 
  • I work at Northwestern Medicine with pre/post natal women on land teaching not only postures to relieve pain, but postures to make labor and delivery “easier”. In water expectant moms can get into positions not recommended on land. An aquatic environment is soothing and a great place to workout for expectant moms. 
  • I also work at Brookdale Senior Living in the pool to enhance Senior’s confidence with balance, help with pain issues like arthritis, rehab after joint replacements, and often we pretend we are all eight years old again playing around with friends in the water! I also teach chair workouts on land for flexibility and strength at Brookdale.
  • Helping people is in my DNA.
  • I am endorsed by the AFL-CIO, Teamsters Joint Council 25, Illinois Federation of Teachers, Communication Workers of America, Illinois Nurses Association, AFSCME People, IVO-IPO, Planned Parenthood, Personal PAC, #Vote Pro-Choice, Illinois National Organization for Women, Citizens Action Illinois, Equality Illinois, and  Freethought Equality. 

6 thoughts on “About Anne

  1. Anne,

    While I was soliciting signatures on your petition I was asked by the leader of a local LGBT group what your position is concerning LGBT issues.


    1. I believe people should love who they want to love, marry who they want to marry, and have the same rights and benefits under the law granted to all married people.

      I believe people should live life as the gender that makes each individual comfortable, use whatever bathroom they choose, and I know in my heart of hearts it is a hate crime to harm another human physically, mentally, or damage property due to how a person lives their life or who they love.

  2. Hi Anne,
    I am having trouble “friending and following” you on Face Book.please change your settings to publicso we all can keep up with you!
    I look forward to knowing more about you.

    P.Diane Oppenheim

    1. Hi Diane,
      There are three ways to like the facebook page. One is to click on “Facebook” on the right side where it says Be Social With Us. That takes you to the Facebook page where you can click “like” on the page. The second way is click on the title above the facebook feed that says “Follow @sommerkamp47 on Facebook” that takes you to the page and you can click “like” on the Facebook page from there. The third way is click on the “like” button right here on the facebook feed on this website.

      If all those fail, which I don’t think they will go on facebook and type Sommerkamp47 in the search box – THAT will definately get you there.

      Thanks for the note.
      With kind regards,

  3. Anne,
    Thank you for running in the race. I am a Westmont resident. I do however want to say I am fed up with the Democratic party. It simply does not represent the vast majority of Americans. It only stands for anti Trump. Year after year the Democrats say if you vote for the Republican things will be bad, so you have to vote for us. The facts are roughly half of Americans don’t vote and that is partly because the Democratic Party represents those powerful people and corporations who bribe them and don’t represent the most of us. I will not vote for any more for corporate Democrats.

    So what I would like to know is where do you stand on health care? Will you advocate for universal health care? We have enough money in Illinois to fix the state’s issues without screwing over the lower and middle class – so once again the rich and powerful can make out like bandits. We could bring in extra tax revenues from regulating fully legal and taxing Cannabis. We could put in place a transaction tax on trades at the MERC and board downtown. Plus of course we must have a constitutional amendment for a progressive income tax asap. Where do you stand on these issues?


    1. Hi Marc,

      I understand your problems with the Democratic party. Many within the party are anxious about how things went in 2016 with the Bernie/Hilary rift. You make a good point about corporations and lobbyists “buying” politicians. It would be wonderful if we all could run on our merits as human beings and our life accomplishments. However, when the Supreme court passed Citizen’s United lifting spending caps for corporations to contribute as much money as they want to candidates, the process of getting elected became so expensive.

      I’m a regular person who makes regular money, I’m not rich by any stretch of the imagination. I have raised my money through contributions from family and friends. I’m going to be having fundraisers so people in the district own me not corporate interests. If I can continue to raise my money organically, I will not take any corporate money. You can be certain I won’t take a dime from a lobbyist.

      I am 100% in favor of universal healthcare for all people. If the Federal government gets rid of the ACA, I want the State of Illinois to step in with a plan for all citizens of our state. Healthcare should not be a thing only rich people can afford. I think healthcare is a basic human right and will go to the mat for universal healthcare.

      I am with you on legalizing, regulating, and taxing cannabis for medical and recreational use. Colorado and Oregon have done well relieving their debt with the legalization of cannabis, the problem is that it has to remain a cash based business because on the Federal level it is still illegal. Banks won’t touch the weed business.

      The transaction tax you speak of on trades at the MERC and CBOE otherwise known as the “LaSalle St. Tax” is one I have been in support of since it’s inception. It is finally a tax on super wealthy people as opposed taxing poor people with gas tax and other taxes on things people use.

      I’m hearing through the grapevine that if enough Democrats are elected to the Illinois General Assembly and the Illinois Senate one of the first things tackled in the legislative session will be working to amendment the state constitution to create a progressive property tax. This flat tax is terribly unfair to the poor.

      I hope I’ve addressed all your questions.

      With kind regards,

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