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Knock on Doors

A canvassing I will go, A canvassing I will go…  I enjoy going for my evening walk to talk to voters and listen to their concerns. Evenings like this are perfect weather-wise, not too hot – not too cold.

Recently, I’m hearing from voters their property taxes are too high. That’s nothing new!

Also, people did not like having their children used as pawns in the recent school funding measure that was vetoed by Governor Rauner. The Illinois Senate overrode the veto and with a few tweeks the House did the same Monday. After missing only two payments to Illinois schools funding should be in order now.

Time to go out and find out what’s on the people’s minds tonight. If you live in the 47th District, I will knock on your door before the primary. I want to hear what’s on your mind and how I can best serve you in the Illinois House of Representatives.

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