Vote for Jim Caffrey General Assembly District 47!!

Let’s turn DuPage Blue!

I may have lost the Primary but the Democratic party has to take every seat possible in the midterms up and down the ticket. We cannot sit by and allow the Republican party under Donald Trump become the new normal. THIS IS NOT NORMAL. Don’t close your eyes and wait for the worst to pass. There’s far too much at stake. Vote. Run for office. Volunteer. Donate. Read. Argue. March. Speak out.

“If we think of fascism as a wound from the past that had almost healed, putting Trump in the White House was like ripping off the bandage and picking at the scab.” ~ Madeleine Albright

I ran for State Rep. in District 47 in 2018 after running for Downers Grove Township Clerk in April 2017. Stepping up to run gave me the opportunity to meet and hear people out. I want to keep speaking for our neighbors. I will bring the voice of change in any way possible.

My journalism training taught me to ask tough questions and get answers.

I’ve stayed home with my kids and seen first hand spending, funding and waste in our schools and private athletic programs.

I work in healthcare and see changes that have caused the insurance mess. Healthcare for everyone is a basic human right.

My endorsements included the AFL-CIO, Teamsters Joint Council 25, Illinois Federation of Teachers, United Food and Commercial Workers Local 881, Communication Workers of America, Illinois Nurses Association, AFSCME People, IVO-IPO, Planned Parenthood, Personal PAC, #Vote Pro-Choice, Illinois National Organization for Women, Citizens Action Illinois, Equality Illinois, and  Freethought Equality.